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tea breakfastLet’s face it, buying tea can be a real struggle. Grocery shelves are lined with dozens of brands selling flavorless tea dust at a pricey markup. And those mall tea shops offer hundreds of overpriced blends that often use artificial ingredients to make their teas taste more like a dessert than tea. These types of retail experiences confuse and intimidate tea lovers which makes finding their favorite healthy teas difficult.

Tea is a daily part of our healthy lifestyle, and we are dedicated to share with you distinctive teas sourced from growing regions throughout the world, right to your door. With our direct to consumer model we cut out the pricey mark ups from distributors, retailers and other middlemen allowing us to provide the best whole leaf organic teas direct to your door for less than 80 cents a cup. At Liquid & Leaf, our shopping experience is simple and convenient and will ensure that you never run out of your favorite teas. We focus on the classics while emphasizing discovery so that you can experience all that the world of tea has to offer.


 Our Model

We Cut Out The Middleman. With a simplified supply chain that delivers the world's best teas directly from our manufacturer to your door

Teas delivered to your door

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We cut out the middlemen